Meet Alice

The AI Bot Designed to make your business more efficient.

How Can Alice Help My Business?

Alice helps businesses connect their communications and data across all of their applications. Plus she helps automate manual & repetitive tasks that take up your valuable time.

The difference between Alice and other integration tools, is that Alice is more heavily customized to your unique business needs, which your team can interface with in a low-tech and intuitive manner.


Configure automated notifications with customized inputs based on common triggers.

Data Processing

Save time by automatically cleansing data based on your specific formatting requirements.


Always be up to date on your business’ performance, by automating reporting and circulation.

Popular Integrations

Key Features

Universal Data Fluency

Alice can communicate between old and new technologies, connecting older tools like Microsoft Access to newer tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Alice can save you time by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks. She can generate automated reports by pulling data from multiple integrated services based on custom rules that work for your business.


Alice keeps communication flowing between your team, your clients, and each other. She sends daily agendas and checks in on progress if she hasn’t seen movement.

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