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to your data management

With the power of Alice, you can now focus on getting your job done, while leaving the tedious data processing to us!

Certainly! The automation bot Alice can be immensely useful for construction and related customers in the following ways:

Project Management

Alice can consolidate data from various project management tools and platforms, enabling construction managers to easily monitor project progress, resource allocation, and task assignments, helping to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Enhanced Cost
Estimation and Budgeting

By gathering data from different cost estimation tools and financial APIs, Alice can aid in the creation of more accurate and comprehensive budget reports, helping construction firms control costs and enhance profitability.

Improved Supply
Chain Management

Alice can pull information from suppliers’ systems and logistics APIs to provide real-time updates on material availability, delivery statuses, and costs, allowing construction companies to optimize their supply chain and avoid delays due to material shortages.

Here’s what’s in it for you

Alice will get you right out of the cells.


Alice integrates with a number of commonly used software solutions including GSuite, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

GUI Report automation

Once you setup your automated flows, Alice does the rest of the work for you with no need for further input.


Thanks to its flexible flow creator, Alice empowers many different possible combinations of integrations to perfectly match your KPIs.

The Mad Botter was able to deliver the project under a tight timeframe despite experiencing a hurricane and subsequent evacuation. The teams ability to work under limited direction stood out, helping guarantee future engagement.

– San Diego Fleet Week

The new database significantly improved the stability and usability of internal systems. The Mad Botter tema was knowledgeable and responsive, providing useful advice that enhanced the final product.

– Dan, VP of Engineering

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